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2015-2016 School Year Lessons

August 24-28th (Week 1)


How do I use Office365? Check out the video tutorial for detailed information.


Complete the "Career Assignment"


Watch the weekly topic video tutorial. Review the "How Do I Begin Weekly Assignments" document.  Teacher will go over the weekly assignment rubric.


Save the "Weekly Topic Planning Calendar" on your flash-drive and network drive.


Sign up for Code Studio. Video tutorial on how to sign up on Code Studio.

August 31-Sept 4th (Week 2)


Need to upload an assignment?  Go to choose OneDrive, Click on "Shared with me", find your period folder and the assignment folder, choose "Upload", find where you saved the document, then click "Open".


Open up your Weekly Topic Planning Calendar.


Monday: Teacher will dicuss the history of video games.  Absent Monday? Watch this video.


Need resources for learning about the history of games?  Try the  3 below:

1. IGN's 25 Greatest Breakthroughs in Video Game History!

2. History of games timeline.

3. Check this interesting blog post about a Dad and son playing retro games. 


Want to create a blog?

Here's how in Wix (can create from school or home).

Here's how in blogger (must first create an account at home for blogger).


Thursday: Watch a video on Consoles


Sept 8-11th (Week 3)

Cover Video Game Genres- Complete a project on genres and upload to O365.


Digital portfoliosVideo Tutorial on digital portfolios.  We will begin to build portfolios this week.

Step by Step instructions on Portfolios. 


Digital Portfolio Samples: Concept Artist, Art Director, Game Developer, and there are many others- do a google search for inspiration!


Sept 14-18 (Week 4)


Monday: Form teams for NGT Competition (3-5) students.




Open the assignment Information for this week.




Review contest documents: Charter (how to sheet), Charter (fill this one in), Expectations, Rubric




Use the below articles to answer some of the "why" questions on the charter.  Forbes, Alpine Valley Schools, TeachThought, English Forum, Cognosenti, LiveStrong, Game Dev Blog




Tuesday: Fill out the project charter (get from and finalize game ideas. 


Wed: Research Video Game Business Models

Thursday: Target Audience


Unsure of your target market?  Click Here (Retrieved from:


Click Here for "Gamer Demographics that Every Developer Should Know"


Define your target audience.

Sept 28-Oct 2 (Week 5)


Check out "Week 5" Information on the Weekly Topic Resources page.

Back to School Night! Parents and students join us form 6:30-8:00PM.


Monday is also Mrs. Kirk's Birthday! :)  All homemade cards welcome!

Tuesday-Thursday: Complete a project on gaming trends and upload to O365.

Friday: Sharing session! Be prepared to contribute, discuss, and share what you learned.


General Game Evaluation Form

Week 6


Monday: Teacher will dicuss the game development life cycle.

Tuesday: Complete a project on the game development life cycle and upload to O365.


Wednesday: Complete charter and gaming engine choice; upload to O365.

Thursday: Game Development Lifecycle Outline (Click here for template)

Week 7


Monday: Teacher will dicuss legal issues game developers deal with and game industry vocabulary.  Students will look over an article on legal issues game developers deal with.



Wednesday/Thursday: Complete your Concept Planning Guide with your group.  Students will also save the Design Document Template to two flashdrives and begin to fill out your team name and general information.


Week 8


Monday: GameMaker Intro


Tutorial 1  



Tutorial 2


External Tutorial for movements

Wednesday (Thursday if you are taking the PSAT or taking a college day):


Tutorial 3


Do Finishing touches and upload to O365



Week 9


Tuesday: Week 9- Overall Game Design


In your group- Finish your design document (pages 4-10).

Tuesday-Thursday: Complete tutorials based on your role in the group.  Create products based on your role.  Notes and product will be uploaded.











Week 10- Storytelling


Game Flow


Week 11- Puzzle Games


Google Searches


Week 12- Monday-Tues: Envrionmental DesignSurvival Game-


Unity 5 adjustments


Wednesday: In your group... Business Requirements Template


Week 13 -Monday-Thurs: Evaluating GamesGame Evaluation TemplateGame Evaluation Analysis


Digital Portfolio Samples:




Programmer 2


Game Developer


Game Designer


Concept Artist


Concept Artist 2


Art Director


3D Animator


3D Animator 2


Game Writer & Narrative Designer


Game Writer 2


Week 14:





Sprite Maker


Tutorials and Assets


Link to Free Unity Assets


Link to Free GameMaker Assets



Everyone Else:


Game Technology


Semester 2


Week 1-3

Competition Presentations- Jan 5 & 7th





Tuesday-Friday: Information Technology Tools




Week 4:

Monday-Thursday: Player Choice


Tuesday- Industry Certifications


Article with player choice examples


Friday: Dicussion/Sharing session

Week 5:


Monday-Thursday: Standard 24.0- Create a working game. 

GameMaker Projectiles- Top Down or Left to RightWork on your group game.  Developers work on coding, QA work on bug reports, others work on report outs, status updates, re-evaluate scope, assets, background music/sounds, etc.


Week 6:

Monday-Thursday: Player Immersion Project


Friday: Discussion and sharing session!  Be ready to talk about what you learned this week!


Week 7:

Tuesday-Thursday: Demonstrate Math (22.0) and Science (23.0) Skills.


Contest Students- Work on printing out items for your board for Friday's breakfast.


Math: Play a game of your choice at

Write a review about the game you choose.



Create a scientific experiment in gaming, set a hypothesis, document results.  An example is testing a hypothesis that a certain game will improve your  spatial reasoning.  **Document what your hypothesis is, talk about the game you are going to play (cannot be rated M), take the test you choose before you begin to play, play the game then take the test after and compare and document results.


Week 8:

Developers- Finish programming


PM or DBA- Marketing teasers


QA testers- Test Cases and Bug reports (type of error, how were fixed, what level of importance, and all other info)




-Package Graphic: Create package cover with game info/name, rating, etc. 


-Survey: Create a customer survey (in survey monkey or just print one and have them fill it out), have other groups play your game and give you feedback.  You will turn in the survey results.


-Scope Changes: Type up all changes to scope that were done throughout the process since September.


Friday: Discussion and sharing session!


Period 1/2 Group Game Survey


Period 6/7 Group Game Survey


Week 9

Mon-Thursday: Challenge Rule Creation Elements (37.0)


Designing Boss Encounters


Thursday: Replay Museum!


Friday: Mrs. Kirk will be out. 

-Finish and upload your project 

-Update your digital portfolio with your group game build.  See how here!

-Once you are done you can play a game, work on other school work, do a tutorial of your choice, or listen to music (with headphones).


Week 10

Mon-Friday: Inventory Systems


This week you will be creating a game that has an inventory system.  The link above has several tutorials to assist you. GET CREATIVE!  HAVE FUN!


Want tutorials to add some different things to your game?  Check out the below tutorials for different additions.


Scrolling Background


Camera Follow/Zoom on Player


Character Shooting


Enemy Bullets/Shooting


Text Boxes


Creating Sprite Sheets


Enemy AI (enemy chase)



Mrs. Kirk's Dropbox of Resources

GameMaker Specific Resources

More GameMaker Resources


Open Game Art

Royalty Free Images

Free Stock Photos

Public Domain Images


Week 11


Badges- Gamification


Week 12


Mon-Friday: Environmental Design and Level Design


Friday: Class Discussion- be ready to talk, discuss, and share

Week 13


Mon-Friday: Art & Animation


Check out all the new Adobe programs we have on your computer- choose something new!


Some options if you aren't sure where to start:


Blender: (use the project ones- may have to do the interface ones first if you haven't used before)




Week 14


Monte Carlo Simulation & Pertinent Issues Facing Game Designers



Week 14-18


Items you will need to turn in with the final game:


Word doc outlining team & roles


Word doc with deliverables & timeline

Business Requirements

Design Document

Source Code Document

Test Cases

Market Teaser, brochure, or commercial

Final .exe file

Assets & Tutorials:

Mrs. Kirk's Dropbox of Resources


Image Assests:


Open Game Art

Royalty Free Images

Free Stock Photos

Public Domain Images



Royalty Free Audio


Teacher TDE Instructions