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Agile Development- Know it!

Keyboard Shortcuts- KNOW THEM!

Copy: Ctrl + C

Cut: Ctrl + X

Paste: Ctrl + V

Screenshot: PrtScn

Scrnsht 1 monitor: Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn

**Then use Ctrl + V to paste it where needed!**

To open anything: DOUBLE CLICK

Article: IBM wants to hire employees that don't have a 4 year degree

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Adobe Product Tutorials

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Typing Games:

Typing Attack Game

Zombie Bridge Typing Game

Super Typer Fast Dungeon Escape

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Mastering Your Career

Weekly Outline

Monday: Choice of anything productive - NGT, Competition, side build or Self study. 

Tuesday: Self Study Udemy (see below for suggestions) or G-Metrix

Wednesday: Capstone

Thursday: Competition Day- NGT or Congressional App Challenge (or both) 

Friday: Choice of above or Academic Work

Self Study Udemy Options:

Programming Self Study

Assets Self Study

Project Manager Self Study

Audio Engineer Self Study

OneDrive (Turn in Work)

Period 1 & 2

Period 6 & 7

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