Weekly Schedule: April 19-30, 2021

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Daily Live Meetings

Every virtual student must check in (on time at the start of class) to the live meeting. If your camera is on you must be in PCSB dress code. 

Period 1/2 7:35AM-9:16AM

Period 3 9:20AM-10:07AM

Period 4/5 10:11AM-11:49AM

Period 7 1:17PM-2:05PM

Capstone Builds

Capstone Evaluations

NGT Evaluations

Monday: NGT (due 4/3) Gnowbe 

Tuesday:  Capstone​ Presentations

Survey (if you work or do internship)

Wednesday:  Capstone Workshop 

Thursday: Capstone  (due by 3/26)

or certifications (G-Metrix Instructions)

Friday: JA Inspire Career Expo

Academic Day

Answers terminate thinking. Questions drive thinking.

Helpful Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts- KNOW THEM!

Copy: Ctrl + C

Cut: Ctrl + X

Paste: Ctrl + V

Screenshot: PrtScn

Scrnsht 1 monitor: Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn

**Then use Ctrl + V to paste it where needed!**

To open anything: DOUBLE CLICK

Want to create a blog?

Here's how in Wix (can create from school or home).

Here's how in blogger (must first create an account at home for blogger).

Asset Sites- All Copyright Free

OpenGameArt.org (2D & 3D)

Dr. Kirk's Dropbox (2D)

Spriter's Resource (2D)

Piskel (build your own- 2D only)

Finished early? Try these:

Piskel - Create Pixel Art

Typing Lessons


Adobe Product Tutorials

Typing Games:

Nitro Type

Typing Attack Game

Zombie Bridge Typing Game

Super Typer Fast Dungeon Escape

Interesting Articles:

Narrative Design

What Fortnite can teach companies

Microsoft wants autistic coders

Current Week

Due 5/28:

Monday: Player Choice Build


Tuesday: Player Choice Build


Wednesday: G-Metrix

Certification Intro Video

Certification Assignment Sheet

Certification Sign-Up (after 90% on tests is earned)


Thursday: Player Choice Build or G-Metrix

Friday: JA Inspire Career Expo

Academic Day

Turning in Work:

Video Tutorial: How to turn in work & complete a learning reflection

OneDrive (Turn in Work)

Period 1 & 2​

Period 4 & 5

Peer Critique Resources

How to Use Peer Critique Form

Game Peer Critique Form

Project Peer Critique Form

Career Info

How to get a job in the Video Game Industry! (Tech High Udemy acct.)

Top 25 Game Design Grad Schools

Orlando Becomes Leader in Video Game Industry

Next Week

Certification Additional Guides (MTA):

Unity Programmer

MTA Motility & Device Fundamentals

MTA Motility & Device Fundamentals- V2

MTA Windows Operating Systems

MTA Windows Operating Systems-V2

Request to speak with Mrs. Rubin (Guidance)

Fan Favorite Student Builds

Make a better game build

Certification Intro Video

Certification Assignment Sheet

Certification Sign-Up (after 90% on tests is earned)

Out of School Challenge

Let's create a class where we think like "gamers"!  Gamers work hard to constantly improve, iterate all the time, seek feedback often, learn through failure, and value experimenting!

12611 86th Ave. N

Seminole, FL 33776

Call Tech-High:

(727) 545-6405

Email Mrs. Kirk:


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