Weekly Schedule: Nov 15-19, 2021

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Answers terminate thinking. Questions drive thinking.

TileVania (Due 10/22)


TileVania Video List

TileVania Help:

TileVania Common Errors

Unity Version Differences

First Build- Unity Space Shooter

Space Shooter Due Dates

Optional Help:

Unity Introduction

Unity Debugging Tips

Helpful Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts- KNOW THEM!

Copy: Ctrl + C

Cut: Ctrl + X

Paste: Ctrl + V

Screenshot: PrtScn

Scrnsht 1 monitor: Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn

**Then use Ctrl + V to paste it where needed!**

To open anything: DOUBLE CLICK

Want to create a blog?

Here's how in Wix (can create from school or home).

Here's how in blogger (must first create an account at home for blogger).

Asset Sites- All Copyright Free

OpenGameArt.org (2D & 3D)

Dr. Kirk's Dropbox (2D)

Spriter's Resource (2D)

Piskel (build your own- 2D only)

Finished early? Try these:

Piskel - Create Pixel Art

Typing Lessons


Adobe Product Tutorials

Typing Games:

Nitro Type

Zombie Bridge Typing Game

Super Typer Fast Dungeon Escape

Interesting Articles:

Narrative Design

What Fortnite can teach companies

Microsoft wants autistic coders

Let's create a class where we think like "gamers"!  Gamers work hard to constantly improve, iterate all the time, seek feedback often, learn through failure, and value experimenting!

Current Week

Monday - G-Metrix Training 

Additional Certification Help:

Photoshop Review #1

Photoshop Review #2

Illustrator Review

Windows OS Review

Mobility & Device Review

Project Management Ready

Tuesday- Art & Anim Due 11/30

Art and Animation Intro Video

Art and Animation

Unity 2020 Terrain

Wednesday - Capstone (1st half)

Art & Animation (2nd half)

or G-Metrix if you are testing

Thursday - NGT (1st half)

Art & Animation (2nd half)

or G-Metrix if you are testing


Half Period NGT

Half Period G-Metrix Training 

Friday – Friday Plan - must fill out if you have any grades below 'C'

Academic Day

Turning in Work:

Video Tutorial: How to turn in work & complete a learning reflection

OneDrive (Turn in Work):

Period 1

Period 2/3

Period 5

Period 6/7

Peer Critique Resources

How to Use Peer Critique Form

Game Peer Critique Form

Project Peer Critique Form

Career Info

How to get a job in the Video Game Industry! (Tech High Udemy acct.)

Top 25 Game Design Grad Schools

Orlando Becomes Leader in Video Game Industry

Next Week

Fan Favorite Student Builds

9/10th Grade Counselor Request

11/12th Grade Counselor Request

GitHub Tutorials:

Start a Github repo

Share Github repo

Clone Capstone Repo

Unity Version Differences


When you get 2- 90% scores on G-Metrix tests you can take the actual certification. To sign up let Dr. Kirk know & follow these instructions.



  • Personal Information: Student ID is the Local Student ID (example: 52XXXXX)

    • If not edit profile

  • Account Setup: First/Last Name must match what is in Focus

    • If not call 1-800-497-8923

Video Tutorial: How to turn in work & complete a learning reflection


Mon-Wed- Capstone Player, Debuggers, & Design PM work with scene personnel to perfect/polish look of game. Everyone else G-Metrix, NGT, or side build.


Friday- Academic Day

How to profit making mobile games

Make a better game build

Certification Intro Video

Certification Assignment Sheet

Certification Sign-Up (after 90% on tests is earned)

Out of School Challenge