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Resume Video Instructions

Resume Template - upload to OneDrive after you update

Digital Portfolio Instructions - publish & upload link to OneDrive

Capstone Critique

Resources for Home Use:

Unity Download - Download the free, personal version of Unity. To activate a license create a free account

Monday/Tuesday-New Game Build

Wednesday- Capstone Individual Workshop, Debugging or Certifications (Optional)

ThursdayCertifications (Optional)

Friday- Half Study Day - upload new plans to improve grade from home if you have D's or Fs

Train for Certifications

Download Gmetrix for free

Download Adobe at home

Home Based Due Dates- START HERE

New Game Build Video Instructions

New Game Build

START HERE for Teams Info

Answers terminate thinking. Questions drive thinking.

CAPSTONE- Adding Your Assets to Main File

Trello Links

What is a sprint?

Sprint Review Meetings

How to execute sprints

Meaningful Player Choice 


TileVania Peer Critique

Learning Reflection

TileVania Project

FUN CENTER - Game Evaluation Template

Game Evaluation &  Game Evaluation Template

Finalize Immersion Uploading from Unity

Learning ReflectionGame Peer Critique Form, Capstone

Player Immersion


Art & Animation Project 

Google Challenge Image

First Game Build- Unity Space Shooter

First Game Build Assets

First Game Build Reflection

Genres Assignment

Genres Learning Reflection

Career Assignment Tutorial

Career Assignment

Career Learning Reflection

First Game Build- Unity Space Shooter

First Game Build Assets

First Game Build Reflection

Capstone​ & NGT Project Work

Unity Debugging Tips

Adding Your Assets to Main File

Uploading from Unity- read if you have never done

Turning in Work

Video Tutorial: How to turn in work & complete a learning reflection

OneDrive (Turn in Work)

Period 1 & 2

Period 6 & 7

Peer Critique Resources

How to Use Peer Critique Form

Game Peer Critique Form

Project Peer Critique Form

Train for a certification:

2019-2020 G-Metrix Certification Training

Train for HTML5 Application Development, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.

Career Info

How to get a job in the Video Game Industry! (Tech High Udemy acct.)

Top 25 Game Design Grad Schools


2018-2019 Archives

Monday- Class Policies & Intro to Class


Video tutorial - Asset List

Download Adobe at home

18.0 Gaming Tools & Software

29.0 Genres Project

Class Policies

GameMaker Install

17.0 & 19.0 Career Research

Step by Step Career Research Video

First GameMaker Game!

23.0 First Game Build - Video Tutorial Links on page 2

Tutorial 4 Code (for poor quality video)

Asset Sites- All Copyright Free


Dr. Kirk's Dropbox

Spriter's Resource

Piskel (build your own)

Overall Requirements:​

  • Title/Menu, 1 Level, Credits

  • 3 rewards & 1 enemy

  • One central theme (underwater, space, city, etc)

  • Good design (no white backgrounds/basic shapes/etc)

  • Platform mechanics

  • 1 Animation- prefer character

Turning in a GameMaker game:


**Turn game into an EXE file & upload to OneDrive**

File-Create Application.**

**Upload Source code to OneDrive**

15.0 Art and Animation Project

Art/Animation Resources

Piskel Creating a Sprite Sheet

Piskel Character Tutorial

Piskel Tile Texturing Techniques

GameMaker Sprite Editor Tutorial

Photoshop Pixel Tutorials - Several

October 11th- Seth Boone from GTE visits classroom to cover paper prototyping.

What is paper-prototyping?

16.0 Copyright & Watermarks

Mastering the Game

October 19th- Chris Shell visits classroom to cover DevOps

What is DevOps?

Player Choice in Games

Article on Player Choice

NGT WORK - if your role is complete work on cert training: G-Metrix/Certification Training

Challenge Rule Creation

Character Archetypes

Workshop Requirements

Unity Debugging Tips

Adding Your Assets to Main File

Intro Presentation

Semester Project Requirements

Grading Rubric & Learning Scale

Period 1/2 Job List

Period 3/4 Job List

Period 6/7 Job List

G-Metrix/Certification Training


Period 1/2 Trailer

Period 3/4 Trailer

Period 6/7 Trailer

Resume Instructions & Template

Digital Portfolio Instructions


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