Documents/Assets - Logo, Product Flows, User Interface, Functional Design, and all assets applicable to your product.

To have edge also create brochures and a commercial!

Asset Managers Responsibilities 

UI Design

Use Cases Doc | Use Case Video Tutorial - work with PM.

User Stories- ALL TOGETHER

Asset Manager's Guide Saving

Design Document- optional - good for game builds

Storyboard - if your game/app has a story

Copyright Info


Asset Manager Resources:

Use Google to find Art/Animation/Asset tutorials!

Websites for Images:

Mrs. Kirk's Dropbox Resources


Open Game Art

Unity Asset Store 

Royalty Free Images

Free Stock Photos

Public Domain Images

Need Audio?

Royalty Free Audio

Programmer- How to Start

Architecture Doc | Architecture Video Tutorial - work with Project Manager 

User Stories- ALL TOGETHER

Source Code Document

Programmer Resources:

Windows Form App Tutorials

Tutorial Resource: 

Creating a Mobile App- check out these options

2020 Mobile App Info

*Consider getting a JetBrains account for access to a ton of free software including Android Studio, WebStorm, AppCode, and many more!

Resources for All:

2017 Design Review Finalist Videos

Elevator Pitch 2017 Samples (should be 30 sec or less)

Design Review Video Editing:

Video Tutorial on Editing- This is basic recommend adding text and doing more editing!


Once you edit: File-->Export-->Media-->Export then upload the AVI file, upload to YouTube-->Put link in basecamp.

Design Review Requirements:

- Product pitch - 10 min video

- Elevator pitch -30-60 sec video

- Product Charter

- Marketing Plan

- Business Requirements

- Customer Surveys

- User Stories

- Use cases

- Architecture

NGT Competition and Grading 

Foundations Students: First semester you will receive two grades for your work in the NGT competition.  These grades are based on standards like all other assignments and the details are on the assignment sheets below: 

Standard 27.0

Programming Students: will receive one grade for NGT participation first semester These grades are based on standards like all other assignments and the details are on the assignment sheet below: Standard 78.0 and 66.0 (teamwork)

and Standard 65.0 (problem statement)


Problem Statement Formation

Online Application Help & Application Video Help

Online Application FAQs & Example

Position Guides:

Project Manager


Asset Manager

QA Tester & Other- Designer, Concept Art, Writer, "floater".

Check out these charter examples from past year's finalists:
Frontier Games

Workshop Dates- Show to Parent/Guardian ASAP:

Zoom meeting links will be provided by email with password access and IP tracking. No unauthorized use of links. 

Workshops & Important Dates

- 2/23 (4-5:30) - Workshop #9 - Business Innovation- speakers:

Brian Kornfeld - CEO of Synapse

Lakshmi Shenoy - CEO of Embarc Collective

Laisha Daley - Executive Product Director of Catalina

So-Young Kang - CEO/Founder of Gnowbe 

Karen Etzkorn - CIO of Qurate Retail Group

- 2/24 at noon - Deadline for teams to submit final docs for Synapse

- 3/9 (4-5:30)- Teams to practice for exhibiting at Synapse

- Synapse Summit 3/8-11 - NGT participants and mentors get tickets to the entire event (more to come)

- 3/11 - Synapse team exhibits at the Summit (11-noon and 2-3pm teams will exhibit) more to come

- 3/23 (4-5:30pm) Practice Final Pitches

- 4/3 noon deadline - Final video Pitches (5-10 mins) due for submission

- 4/7 - finalists announced

- 4/15 (4-6pm) Final pitches to judges

- TBD (last week of April)  Awards ceremony

Best pitches 2018-19:


Bright Boards 

Seat Sentinel 


Frontier Games 


Example of elevator pitch:

 VR Science  

12611 86th Ave. N

Seminole, FL 33776

Call Tech-High:

(727) 545-6405

Email Mrs. Kirk:

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