Week 1-3

First Assignment Info:

First Assignment

Introduction to Coding- Start Here


Coding Basics


What's a Variable?


Operators and Expressions

Go here after the introduction video:

Lynda.com Programming Playlist

Do First-- Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals

Need refreshers?  See the below:

Check out the video tutorial for detailed information.


Save the "Weekly Topic Planning Calendar" on your flash-drive and network drive.

How will the new class game work?

Game Mechanics


Badge Descriptions

Click Here for a video describing the class game

Week 4


Open your wix.com Portfolio and update or create a new one:

Step by Step instructions on Wix.com Portfolios. 


Finalyze Ideas & Charter Information

Target Audience Research:

2016 Essential Game Industry Stats


Group Project Info Page

Project Managers Create OneNote Page

Period 1 & 2 OneNote Link

Period 3 & 4 OneNote Link

Period 6 & 7 OneNote Link

Digital Portfolio Samples:




Programmer 2

Game Developer

Game Designer

Concept Artist

Concept Artist 2

3D Animator

Game Writer & Narrative Designer

Game Writer 2



Week 9-11

Code Combat Link

Code Combat Assignment Sheet

Train for a certification:

Certification Assignment Sheet

Train for HTML5 Application Development, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.




May 3-5: Update Digital Portfolio, Create Resume, & Certification Testing. Senior exam review.

April 10-May 2: Final Game Build with several deliverables

Deliverables Help:


Design Document


Source Code Document

Marketing Deliverables

(if not working with Mr. Juul's class):

Package Design

Logo or Identifying Image(s)

Marketing Poster or Brochure

Get ready to get organized!  Find out how to manage a product better: Scrum and Agile.

How will I earn my grade?
















Pre-Exam Week

Exam Review

Second Semester Classcraft Results!

Overall Class winner- 1st Period

1st Period- Josh R.

3rd Period- Trey B.

6th Period- Justin D.


XP Totals (2nd Semester Only):

1st Period- 3473

3rd Period- 2925

6th Period- 2105


If you finish the game build early you can work on your group or individual project.

Reflections & Group Work:

Period 1 & 2 OneNote Link

Period 3 & 4 OneNote Link

Period 6 & 7 OneNote Link

Assignment Upload Links:

OneDrive Period 1 & 2

OneDrive Period 3 & 4

OneDrive Period 6 & 7