Weekly Schedule: Feb. 18-21, 2020

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TileVania Project


Answers terminate thinking. Questions drive thinking.


When you get 2- 90% scores on G-Metrix tests you can take the actual certification. To sign up let Dr. Kirk know & follow these instructions.


  • Personal Information: Student ID is the Local Student ID (example: 52XXXXX)

    • If not edit profile

  • Account Setup: First/Last Name must match what is in Focus

    • If not call 1-800-497-8923

Certification Additional Guides (MTA):

MTA Motility & Device Fundamentals

MTA Motility & Device Fundamentals- V2

MTA Windows Operating Systems

MTA Windows Operating Systems-V2

Unity Debugging Tips

Adding Your Assets to Main File

Download Adobe at home

Programming Study Site

Extra Time? Do a side game build, gmetrix trainings, work on NGT, or Capstone Project.

Article: IBM wants to hire employees that don't have a 4 year degree

Udemy Online Courses

Next Week

Multiplayer Game

UCF Field Trip- April 17th:

Must turn in permission forms and money at the same time. Money is $5 for Jason's Deli if you are buying lunch. Lunch Options-Ham, Turkey, or Chicken Salad. Bread Options-Croissant, grain, organic wheat wrap. Includes a water and cookie. All students must have a ride home at 6PM once we return.

Internship Interest Form

Orlando Becomes Leader in Video Game Industry

What is a sprint?

Sprint Review Meetings

How to execute sprints

Presentation Example- password protected- get pw from Kirk

Questions: “What is our goal this Sprint?” and “What features did we complete to get there?”

Intro to Coding Handouts:

Coding Basics

What is a Variable?

Operators and Expressions

Variable Declaration/Manipulation

If Statements


Unity Functions

Code Graphics:

Class, Methods, & Semi-colons


Unity Tutorials:

Unity Intro to Functions

Unity Game Scene Tutorial

Unreal Engine Landscape Tutorial

Advanced Coding Handouts:

Arrays of Values

Creating Methods

Additional Code Resources

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Call Tech-High:

(727) 545-6405

Email Mrs. Kirk:


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