Weekly Schedule: May 17-28, 2021

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Daily Live Meetings

Every virtual student must check in (on time at the start of class) to the live meeting. If your camera is on you must be in PCSB dress code. 

Period 1/2 7:35AM-9:16AM

Period 3 9:20AM-10:07AM

Period 4/5 10:11AM-11:49AM

Period 7 1:17PM-2:05PM

Resources for Home Use:

Unity Download - Download the free, personal version of Unity. To activate a license create a free account

Train for Certifications

Download Gmetrix for free

Download Adobe at home

Answers terminate thinking. Questions drive thinking.

Programming Study Site

Finished early or need a break? Try these:


Khan Academy

Piskel - Create Pixel Art

Typing Lessons

Certification Training


Adobe Product Tutorials

Typing Games:

Nitro Type

Typing Attack Game

Zombie Bridge Typing Game

Super Typer Fast Dungeon Escape

Current Week

Due 5/28:

Monday: Choice Build

Splash Screen Tutorial


Tuesday: Choice Build


Wednesday: Exam Review (1 period)

Exam Review (2 periods)

Choice Build 

Capstone Debuggers

Thursday: Choice Build or G-Metrix

Friday-JA Inspire Career Expo

Academic Day

Peer Critique Resources

How to Use Peer Critique Form

Game Peer Critique Form

OneDrive (Turn in Work)

Period 1 & 2​

Period 3

Period 4 & 5

Period 7