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This classroom will most likely be different from what you are used to.  I like to call it student centered and ever-evolving but no matter what the name is, it doesn't involve long lectures and me telling the student "do this and you need to do it this way".  It involves real thought and me asking you "what are you interested in?  What do you want to learn?  How do you learn things best? and How will I know you have learned it?"


It is a classroom centered on inquiry and exploration.  It involves me saying I actually don't know everything about every topic out there but I do know about game and simulation and I know how to find resources to help you learn what you want and need to.  I hope to help and guide you when needed and introduce you to new information through workshops and flipped classroom activities without boring you into submission.  I will give you full respect at all times and expect the same in return.


I want there to be rich discussions and sharing sessions where we all learn and grow even more.  My hope is that you will not be a student in my class but a learner and I hope you take the learning personally.  The below resources should help start you on the journey.  I am always open to student feedback and hope to evolve my classroom constantly.

At any time you can check here to see last week, the current week, and next week's schedule, topic, and due dates.

Check out past project and assignment information.

At any time you can check here to view teacher created tutoritals, see links to outside tutorials, and view resources on how the course works.

Here you can find resources on your group and individual projects.